Available LCA studies

Date Posted Title Code Product Practitioner(s)
1 year 42 weeks Life Cycle assessment of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Food, Plants Cabernet Sauvignon
1 year 42 weeks Novozymes LCA study Food, Plants Beer
Harboes Bryggeri
1 year 42 weeks Levis LCA Assessment Clothing/Textile Levis Jean Levis
1 year 42 weeks Audi A6 Life Cycle Assessment Vehicles/Fuels Audi A6
1 year 42 weeks Nordic Life Cycle Assessment - Wine Package Study Package/Container (not paper specific) Wine Packages Bio Intelligence Service
1 year 42 weeks Nissan Leaf LCA Batteries
1 year 42 weeks LCA - Ford Vehicles/Fuels Cars
1 year 42 weeks LCA of Ford car Batteries Cars
1 year 42 weeks Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) 2014 Package/Container (not paper specific) Corrugated packaging National Council for Air and Steam Improvement
1 year 42 weeks Teleworking Life Cycle Analysis Others Working from home URS Australia Pty Ltd

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