A Comparative LCA Study of Water Packaging Solutions - Bottled Water Packaging

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Package/Container (not paper specific)
Acqua Minerale Naturale Oligominerale San Benedetto In 0,5 l, 1,5 l, 2,0 l PET bottles
Source et qualité
Règles de catégorie de produits (PCR) : 
version 1.0 of 02-07-2007 by Comitato Tecnico International EPD Consortium (IEC)
Quality audit for the declaration and the information in compliance with ISO 14025:2006
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CSQA Certificazioni Srl
San Benedetto SpA
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Société/groupe de sociétés

- Respect of all rules and regulations in force in matters of environmental protection;
- Continuous improvement of internal quality standards for the environmental optimization of company processes;
- Making aware, trained and informed all the workers so that they can perform their tasks in
environmental protection and respect and to take charge of their responsibilities regarding the
- Designing and planning of machinery, factories, equipment, workplaces and all organization aspects
in order to safeguard environmental protection;
- Commitment to improve and prevent the following environmental factors: management and
conservation of water resources, management and conservation of energy resources, reduction and
prevention of water drains, management of waste production and disposal leaning towards recycling,
management and prevention of emissions in atmosphere and workplaces, management of road

Functional unit
-  The functional unit is represented by raw material, production, distribution and end of life of 1000 litres of
San Benedetto mineral water bottled in PET bottles sized 0,5 litres, 1,5 litres and 2,0 litres.

Boundry conditions
- System boundaries generally include stages related to raw materials, production, filling, transportation for
distribution and end of life of LCA of San Benedetto mineral water.

Data Limitations and Assumptions
- LCA primary data have been collected in San Benedetto factory in Scorzè, while generic data come from the
ecoinvent v2 database. The LCA has been calculated with the software SimaPro 7.1. Primary data have
been used for most of the processes (a total of 121), such as bottle production, cap production, filling
process, packaging, client distribution and end of life of the various packages. In relation to transportation
processes for the finished product distribution, the data used correspond to the data of the real oil
consumptions and the real loads of San Benedetto expeditions. The electricity mix employed is the Italian
one (in the LCA study the Italian electricity mix of the ecoinvent v2 database was used).
Generic data have been used for the following processes: label production, labelling glue, sanitizers
production, maintenance and spare parts, and ink for the marking. In line with PCRs 2006:7, impacts
associated with generic data do not exceed 10% of all impacts due to the San Benedetto product system.

Impact assessment
- Environmental indicators consist of 5 categories of impact (global warming, ozone depletion, acidification, photochemical smog, eutrophication), energy content (renewable and non-renewable), resource consumption (resources with and without energy content; renewable and non-renewable), waste (hazardous and non-hazardous wastes) and electricity consumption. Environmental indicators represent the environmental impact of 1000 litres of San Benedetto natural mineral water in PET bottles sized 0,5 litres, 1,5 litres and 2,0 litres. Furthermore, indicators are broken down into raw material contribution, finished product production, transportation for distribution, bottles’ end of life and production and disposal of secondary and tertiary packaging.
It can be observed that San Benedetto natural mineral water in PET bottles sized 0,5 litres has the biggest environmental impact of the three in the 5 categories respectively. The bigger size of the PET bottle, the smaller degree of environmental impact.

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