How to enter a LCA study?

07 Dec 2009

Assuming you have identified a LCA study and extracted relevant informations from it. Now you want to capitalize these informations and share them with others wiki users.
Thus, the plateform is not only a personal capitalizing tool but also a sharing plateform where each user could benefit from the others's research.

In order to implement simple research functions, conventions for entering a study are required.


  • Copy the URL of the study you are reading.
  • Go on Seeds4Green, log in and click on "Create content" in navigation menu, then "Create LCA/EPD" or click here.
  • Now you are on a virgin LCA page that you need to fill.
  • Fields mark with an asterisk are essentials. They define the research functions.
  • Paste URL into the matching field.
  • Copy the complete name dof the study in its original version (no translation), then paste it into the matching field. The complete name identify the study and it appears 
  • Both parameters are essential as they define the unicity of the study.

Differents fields need to be filled :

Main features

 Field  Description  mandatory?
 Title  Name of the study in its original version  yes
 URL  Link of the study  yes
 Contact  If the study is not available on the web you must enter a relevant link in the URL field (website of the editing
society, author's LinkedIn profil, ...) and use this Contact field for
author's identification (mail address, phone number, ...). Thus a common user could ask informations directly to the person who worked on the study.
 Type  Define the type of the study (check the matching box)  yes
 Comparative  Define if the study is comparative or not  yes
 Publication year  Year of the puublication  yes
Language  Language in whichthe study is written  yes
 NACE Code  NACE code defines the product category (drop/down menu)  yes
 Product  Concerning product  yes
 Other keywords  Relevent words describing the study, define by the contributor, more could be added by users  no

Content informations

Content informations fields aren't mandatory, they give to the users the study's summary.

 Field  Description
 Impacts  With the drop/down menu, define significant impacts for each step of life of the product/service, then indicate their contributions compare to the whole life cycle impact (Negligible, Low, Medium, High).
 Key parameter(s)  Define which lever(s) will significantly increase environmental performance of the product. For exemple "upgrade motor energy performance" or "diminish the mass" for a car.
 Functional unit  Functional unit gives the possibility to compare 2 products that achieve the same function. For exemple "1 square meter of painted-wall" for a paint comparaison.
 Goals, hypothesis and boundaries  Describe goals and hypothesis that define the boundaries of the study
 Summary of the conclusions  Summary of the study's conclusions

Origin and quality informations

These informations are important as they define the relevance of the study.

 Field  description
 Sponsor's name(s)  Name of the organism(s) sponsoring the study
 Sponsor's type Define the type of the sponsor organism (company, university, public administration...)
 Author's name  Name of the person or of the society which performs the study
 Author's type  Define the type of the author (company, university, consultant...)
 Quality of the study  Define if the study was realised quickly or in details.
 Critical review  Check if a critical review has been performed. If not, do not check the box.
 ISO 14040/44 compliancy  Check if the LCA claims its compliancy with the norm's series ISO 14040-44. If not, do not check the box.

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